Why Soho Fitness Lab?

Passion + Care

Our mission is to bring Strength, Fitness and Happiness to the people. Our one of a kind facility coupled with passionate instructors + health professionals guide clients through an inspirational, effective and results based fitness experience that’s designed to benefit the body, mind and soul.

Progress + Results

We believe in progress. Our clients say it’s changing their lives. With every session, we learn more about you and your body. We guide you to develop strength, improved health and fitness to a level that you never knew you had. Through this shared progression, our clients develop a bond like no other. Friendships are made and relationships are built. We lift, we scream, we grow, we become stronger - and we do it together, as a team.

Private + Exclusive

Our luxury, private by appointment only facility provides private training areas (PT Pods) and treatment rooms ensuring you receive 100% attention and privacy at all times. Our changing facilities are stocked full of bath towels and all the amenities you require to be able to come, train, shower up and move on to your next appointment/meeting.