Workout anywhere and anytime with this simple yet effective program


With the Autumn half-term holidays approaching, we're thinking ahead and have prepared a simple, no-equipment workout to do anywhere and anytime.

So, if you're keen to stay active while away from the gym, here’s a quick, straightforward workout to keep you on track. With bodyweight exercises the key is to keep it not too easy, not too hard. I.e., work with great form and push yourself hard!

What do I need?

  1. 1 bench / chair / step.
  2. Some floor space.

The Workout Preparation

  1. Ideally, find a quiet space to workout in where you won’t be too disturbed or distracted.
  2. Find some floor space.
  3. Read through the workout plan.
  4. Practice the exercises to get the right set up and form.
  5. Set up your timer to 45s WORK / 15s REST. We recommend Tabata Pro app.

Before you start, it's important that you set the interval timer correctly. Follow the steps below and check the reference picture to ensure your tabata timer pro screen matches ours!

  • Prepare! The prepare time gives you 10s to press start, get in position and get ready!
  • Work! This is the amount of time you will be performing each exercise
  • Rest! This is the amount of rest time you will get between exercises
  • Cycles! This is the number of exercises you will be performing in your circuit
  • Tabata's: This is the number of sets/rounds you will perform (i.e. 8 cycles, 4 Tabatas means 8 exercises 4 times around).
The Workout
Press start on your timer. The timer will automatically run as follows: 10s prepare, 45s work for each exercise, 15s rest between exercises, 4 exercises, 4 times around.
  1. Exercise 1: Bench / Chair Push Ups
  2. Exercise 2: Renegade Rows
  3. Exercise 3: Bench / Chair Dips
  4. Exercise 4: Floor Swimmers

This full body program has been put together by the team at Soho Fitness Lab - if you try it out, let us know how you get on! Look out for our video on social media this FRIDAY to see the exercises performed by our own trainers!

If you have any questions about our no equipment travel workout please feel free to get in touch today by emailing

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Published on 15th Sep 19