Our Story

Who We Are

Our mission is to bring Strength, Fitness and Happiness to the people. Our one of a kind facility coupled with passionate instructors + health professionals guide clients through an inspirational, effective and results based fitness experience that’s designed to benefit the body, mind and soul.

We believe in progress. Our clients say it’s changing their lives. With every session, we learn more and we connect with our body and develop strength, improved health and fitness that we never knew we had. Through this shared progression, our clients develop a bond with their instructor/professional like no other. Friendships are made and relationships are built. We lift, we scream, we grow, we become stronger - and we do it together, as a team.

We believe our clients can achieve their largest dreams. Our clients come to us from all backgrounds, levels of fitness and experience. Soho Fitness Lab is for everyone. Our team is calling your name, so come in for a session and take your strength, health and fitness to the next level.

How it all started

Co-founders Brett + Sandra met in London in 2007, married in Ecuador 3 weeks later and immediately clicked. Over the first 3 years of their relationship they developed a vision and passion: To create a friendly, intelligent and enthusiastic environment for people to learn how to become strong for life. Together, they developed an inspiring facility in the heart of Soho, which enables all clients to achieve their shared vision and passion.

2007 – Brett + Sandra meet and work on the vision begins

2012 – The pilot studio is opened in joint venture with the Urban Retreat Group of Harrods

2014 – The first full-scale studio is opened in St Anne’s Court, Soho, W1

2015 – We completed a intense 12 week total body transformation which was published on the front cover of Men's Health Magazine in January 2016

2016 - Work on the next steps for the couple's fitness vision starts - exciting things in the pipeline - watch this space!